hydrochloric eulogies

I would not even know where to start, my head has been a mess since that Monday. It’s honestly hard to pin down just one, so here are some of my fondest memories.

Seeing him, being sent home from school for being a fire hazard- wearing a Bathrobe and 1 1/2ft long neon green Monster Feet is one of my quintessential images by far.

Walking around Indiana Dunes at night with no flashlight and him managing to set off a Black cat without us knowing, effectively scaring the shit out of Jon and I, him on the ground laughing his ass off.

The band we formed. ye ol Shotgun Lobotomy…a playon to a tragedy we all shared and bonded over when we were too young. The show we played in the back of your house on Narragansett, so loud your dad pulled the plug on us…literally! Then played DnD and Risk all night into the morning after everyone went home. Songs you’d rename based on how you associated your drumming to it rather than the name of the actual song…cool breeze… Jon hated it, for the life of me I cant remember what the actual name of the song was.

Practice sessions in your basement. The jam sessions you and I had… How laser precise you were setting up and mic’ing your kit when we did that recording session he scored…Id kill to hear how beautifully terrible our 17/18yrold selves sounded. Then endless pots of coffee at Peacock, the countless breakfasts at Peter Pan. The first time I saw a or heard of a Monte Cristo. Or saw someone mix Aunt Jemima syrup in milk that night you let me stay over when my dad was on one of his war paths… The hours upon hours just sitting on a bench with just a couple of us or the vast crew at Shabonna and us listening to a boombox CD/cassette player – just enjoying the playground of teenage youth we made for our dysfunctional selves.

There are so many more…I keep saying I never got to show you the wedding pictures…you were supposed to be there had COVID not turned the world on its head. We were supposed to hang when I got back from my honeymoon…I had barely been back a week…its killing me your gone. I cant believe Im writing this.

You gave 0 fucks about what others thought, contagiously hilarious, classy as fuck, loyal and completely without judgement…unless you caught me listening to Poison…The way your head worked rubbed off on everyone you came into contact with. That’s the legacy you leave behind.

Jack…the world may be a little colder without you here, but it is most certainly a better place because you were a part of it.