Flawed to perfection, invincible when United.


People lining up your give thier blood to people they have never met (via reddit)

People lining up your give thier blood to people they have never met (via reddit)

I don’t want to have to go through security ops with my family. I don’t want to discourage closed in spaces with a lot of people. I don’t want to tell them they need to plan for an escape everywhere they go. I don’t want to encourage them to invest in ballistic vests and armor plating for their body’s and their cars.

Ive lived in Chicago, I am from Chicago. Even still, with the Violence here I’ve always known as the norm, I’ve never had to go to these extremes in what I think would keep me and mine safe. But this morning I woke up to a night club on US soil involved in another terrorist attack (so far elegidly etc) and I can’t help but think to myself – it really doesn’t matter what I want.

100+ people; 50+ shot and injured, 50+ shot and dead.

I don’t own a gun, I don’t personally like them, I have more than several family and friends in law enforcement and military who do though, I grew up around them. I learned to respect them. I’ve also lost friends to them. Ive seen people loose thier lives to them, and Ive known orhers near me who have died from them. I’ve had items of mine taken from me at pointblank before I was 14 with them.

And still, it makes zero sense to me; both sides of the coin. Like the games rigged. The same laws that make it hard for the responsible also punish them by making it easy for people that should never be allowed our of their house, let alone own a firearm, and this in itself doesn’t even brush the threshold of the current situation, because on top of all that, it had ties to a war that none of those poor people who died had anything to do with.

This goes out with just as much empathy for the recent tragedies in Beirut/Tel Aviv. Yes there is an arms problem. But this is so much deeper than regulations. No amount of regulation is going to stop something like This event from happening.

What we can do was shown by example today. Someone spoke up. The Pride parade in Los Angeles had an explosive located and lives because of it were presumably spared. We are the good in the world raging against the terrible. Color, belief, orientation – galactic alliance, whatever!

When the proverbial shit hits the metaphorical fan, we are Human.

Flawed to perfection and invincible when united