Here comes Windows 10 ….whether you want it or not?

haderJust happened to look down to see what time it was and was surprised when my Windows button was on the wrong side!  Turns out Microsoft slipped the UI addition into an update to go live during the announcement they made stating that Windows10 will be released July 29th.  The icon “reserves” (gotta push the psudo-exclusivity!) your spot to upgrade to Windows10 as soon as it becomes available.

So for the next month Im going to have an additional icon that is useless. Joy! Yeaaaa not so much.  If you are running Win 8 – pro head here to get rid of it. I am however very excited for Windows 10, it will make a smoother transition for people still on 7 who were heistiant to switch to 8 when it came out.

Heres the context of the Windows10 icon