Crest of the Solar System



At the core of the crest; the visible light spectrum broken up into Primary and Secondary colors. 3 “beams” of light represented by Red, Blue and Yellow converging into Orange, Violet and Green at the cores center Each core of light is encapsulated within a hexagon colored in alternating Primary and Secondary colors, each representing a geographical continent of the planet Earth

Whilst inspired by, and tribute to an off hand doodle by Leonardo DiVinci from his Codex Atlanticus in his musing regarding geometrical shapes and composure’s, its also has something that one of my great art teachers had pointed out that I don’t do enough of, mixing hand drawn sketches with digital art rather than just “photoshop all the things!”

I recently submitted thebluepullover_template_1200x1200 design to – a site that takes in designs and puts them up against other designs to compete to then be sold on their site, should be another fun experience!