Yixing Holiday

In my family, things are very traditional – loosely, comfortably for the most part around Christmas.  I like to use the time to try and give something to someone that I think they in particular would enjoy and be enriched by.  Its how I get into the giving season.  This year I taught myself a lesson.  For my grandmother, mother, sister and cousin I found 4 legitimate quality yixing clay teapots.  Yixing tea pots are the cast iron pots of tea ware.  They go through the phase of seasoning, and oxidize the material inside it uniquely, effecting taste as well as aroma over time.

In my haste after even after making an item list of “to-buys-for-who”s, I glazed over the fact that they were listed as 125cc…as in 4.2oz, a tea pot, that could fit approx. 2 shots of leaf juice.  I was bummed, it looked like a joke. It wasn’t what I was expecting.  I read further and saw that they are typically used as beginner pieces, as one would typically have more than one , as you really are confined to a type of tea per teapot (not strictly obv.).

But when the gifts were exchanged, its awkward appearance gave me the opportunity to explain to them what it was, and the idea behind the different kinds of clay, and the flavor profiles they can provide.  It was the best way to have presented it to them.  I was getting wrapped up  (ha!)  in the appearance of the gift and not what the gift was intended  to do. Now this way they can choose how much they want to put into it to maintain a pure flavor profile. And while quality yixing can be found and bought for reasonable prices, there are some quite exotic and rare. Just be sure to look for something over 400ml (12oz) if you like larger cups of tea! I also let them know I’d send them some more information on it when i got a second of sit down time.  So here it is

i love yous :)

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