Mid Point for 5 year plan – My Quantified Self

In 2012, After my father came out of a week long coma brought on by diabetes; myself at 33 yrs old, I made the decision to better my body which had been taking a beating ever since an old car accident I was in the first half of April of 2006.  In short I ballooned almost 100lbs, and at my peak 330 lbs total with a BMI of 42 due to mobility issues and ultimately depression.

Before I started, I looked for caveats.  I knew everyone’s body was different, so diets never seemed to make sense to me because of that fact alone.  I started making life changes instead.  Limiting foods that I didnt prepare myself to a minimum, and making sure the ingredients I was using at least adhered to a wholesome way of eating.  As my boss pointed out, I eat to live now, where as I dont live to eat anymore.

Its half true.  But it still makes the most sense.

I love to eat.  I love the idea of what food is in a similar way Ive read and seen how Anthony Bourdain does.  I grew up watching old cooking shows with my dad and watching others with my grandfather on my mothers side, Frugal Gourmet, Won can Cook, so can you!, Julia Child, Justin Willson etc, etc.  Cooking was a way to share culture the same way Art does.  And in many ways, cooking is an art form. Using a stove as a canvas and your ingredients as your medium.  If I was going to be successful, I was going to have to find a way to keep the passion and make it good for you at the same time.  that way, I could hope to maybe return the favor to my father by leading by example while he went on his own personal journey in weight loss as to prevent more hospital visits.

I did it in the only way I knew I could have some good control over it.  I used data.  I kept track of as much as I could.  I began it all with a base blood test and weigh-in in July of 2012. Then I moved on to a Fitbit to have a baseline of [physical activity, and a scale that documented weight and BMI + bi-annual doctor visits with full Lipid and Metabolic panels preformed.

Then I began to look more into diet, and how I knew my body reacted to certain foods.  I cut vegetables oils out completely from cooking, and the only sugars I would consume had to come from either Fruit or Honey. I also began to half and half my caffeine intake from my norm of black coffee, to black coffee one week, green tea next week. I would also need to make sure my protein intake was consistent and above all, greens – Spinach, Turnip, Mustard, Collards, Broccoli etc.  As I went on I made adjustments to time schedule and food prop planing anytime I thought I needed it.

Today my 6’3 frame fit its ass into a pair of size 38x34s Its been the the first time in almost 15 years.  This morning on the way to work, I just smiled.  Slow and steady actually can win the race.  My most recent checkup for all this was yesterday which is whats bringing this on.  Ive not hit my mid goal of 260 just yet perfectly, but I am now at 262lbs with a BMI of 32.8  bellow are the data graphs i was able to piece together between Doctors data and my data.  The blood work improvements have even better results, as every year my levels for each test have improved by 2 – 4 points each steadily for the last 4 tests done.  Bad Chol down, Good Chol up etc  Feeling good feels great….now I need a piece of cake :D  If you are trying to do the same thing, -just dont torture yourself.  2 cheat days a week tops, and 1 at a minimum.  You’re doing this to better your life as a whole, not change it over night.

Mid way mark of my 5 year Plan

May 2012 – Nov 2014

Pants size down  48 to 38
Weight down from 330 to 264
BMI down from 42 to 32