Nearly got it where I want it



I’m tired of social media being the container we all use to communicate our electronic interactions, whether it be amongst ourselves, or to the world.  But Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn etc is convenient, and most of our family and friends are a part of it, its on our phones to quickly sent a 140 char blurb of insight, or our tablet to send off a family dinner picture for keepsake.

The problem for me is afterwards, that data gets eaten up into a behemoth of a marketing machine which uses Every aspect of You, Your Family, and the people you are connected to, the sites you visited before, and the sites you left to go view after navigating away from your Facebook page, to create their own profile of You that they then turn around and sell for likely more than you make in a year – on a monthly basis.  This isn’t an important factor to a lot of people, and theres nothing wrong with that, but personally I don’t want to be anyone’s product anymore by means of my browsing habits, my most thought out words, painstaking created art, carefully taken photography, or just my own written frustrations.  I want control of my words, my content.  So I did.  WordPress has an awesome Mobile App that I can use just as readily as a FB or Twitter app on my HTC or iPad. And I can schedule posts (Like this one, which Im writing before I crash out for the night and will publish around 12:30pm on the 30th) which is great for SEO exposure.   I just needed to resurrect my personal domain name and set server space aside on CerebralHacks server and get WordPress installed, and the site designed to how I want it…

…and its almost done, the Art section still needs to be linked up (this weekend) and the coral section will be a page with a Written Words section like the front page (hopefully Friday), and the embedded link of the Live Feed of my tank. Last out will be my professional section which will serve as a replacement for LinkedIn, with resume etc (Next week).

Social media still has its place, and this is not an “I quit Facebook”.  I’m a person who has friends quite literately all over the world, and Id be a fool to not utilize all communication mediums as possible to make sure my interactions with those friends keeps its integrity as solid as possible.  So instead I want to use these things more as a tool than a solution.  And hopefully this is a step forward in the right direction.  Most of you who know me know many ways to get in touch with me, if you don’t, ask me! My messenger accounts (Steam, Gtalk, Y!) and number are open to all people I call my friends. From now on, you’ll see stuff like this from me for stuff that I may post on FB/Twitter/LinkedIn etc, aside from my checking up on my peeps via FB/Twitter to see what they are up to and stuffs.

I’m actually kind of happy that Ive not been the first one to do this, or state this, its a bit of validation that there are other people out there right now that feel the same way about this, hopefully that means we will see some sort of decentralized social network one day, but until that day comes….