Beautiful Frustration

The sun hates me. Periodically when outdoors, what seems to be sunshine can apparently be the cause of rashes and hives every so often. Stayed in from the office and subbmitted to cortisone and antihistamines.

I’m usually at work when my reef tank “wakes up”. In that time within a timeframe of about 5min, in a sunrise of awakening bioluminance I was able to see the Orange zoanthids open up in color.  Only in certain spectrum do these particular zoas pop their colors out. This usually happens about 2:45 it seems with how the daily lighting schedule is programmed. Literally sunrise. At that time, rest of the tank lit up too. Some of the micro alge I’ve been keeping under control started popping up in little sploches of magenta against the 10k acentic blue light, with the new orange zoas popping to the side and the old poly colony in emerald green, I went to grab my phone, but to my ironic frustration, I just couldn’t capture the spectrum. I tried all the manual settings I could think of, and knew the brighter white lights would soon fade into the blue washing out the luminance. Instead I snapped one last, and enjoyed the next 90 seconds (while putting on more cortisone) instead of wasting it trying to capture it. Also known as, the moral of the story.


Edit: The picture obviously does no justice. The tank at the time is dark, but the high-luminance blue LEDs highlight selectively. While most is this very low blue tint, the zoas on the left are very intricately glowing orange, with the polys under it very bold and yellow and greens. One day I’ll figure out how to get it, and it likely does not involve fiddling around with your phone unexpectedly!